Is your life’s playlist a greatest hit or a cover song?

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What’s your favorite song?

This question is asked often. We ask it as a means of getting to know someone because the music we listen to says a lot about us. Are you a joyful, has-a-nice-beat-you-can-dance-to type? Or, are you more of a my-truck-broke-down-and-my-dog-left-me-for-my-ex type?

There are very few questions that will cause me more angst and anxiety than someone asking me what my favorite song is. One song? How does one even choose? Life is essentially a playlist. What playlist worth anything has only one song?

So, what is my favorite song? …

The facts about nominating a Supreme Court Justice during an election year

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“Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you.” — Ruth Bader Ginsburg

On Friday, September 18, 2020, the country mourned the loss of one of its treasured servants, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. In any other year, this would have been a loss of monumental proportion. In 2020, it is that and so much more.

At virtually any other time, a paralegal writing about the history of the Supreme Court would likely be boring and largely unread. …

I guess that depends on how you look at it…

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Jennifer Aniston may have broken the Guinness World Record for her first photo posted to Instagram this week, but it is this photo that has taken Twitter by storm and has people not feeling much like friends. It seems we all have a lot to say about what this photo portrays, yet, just like this photo, there is no meeting of the minds on what that is.

Generally speaking, men see one thing and women another. The same goes for Republicans and Democrats. …

Even when things are broken, we still have choices.

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Things break. Sometimes, no matter how careful we are or how gently we carry it, we encounter a bump and we lose our grip of the things we treasure the most— especially the most fragile things. As we feel it begin to slip away, we reach out frantically in a desperate attempt to catch it before it falls.

We try to save it.

Sometimes, despite our best efforts and reflexes, we are too late. It slips through our fingers and falls to the ground and shatters into pieces. It is no longer whole.

As soon as it shatters around us…

A life-long love affair with my horoscope.

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On a good day, I have been described as charming, outgoing, vibrant, resourceful, and quick-witted. On a bad day, however, I have been described as easily distracted, two-faced, and judgmental. While I might largely agree that there is some truth in these descriptions of me, this would not necessarily be how I describe myself. But my horoscope does and I will admit that I am, and always have been, a sucker for it.

For as far back as I can remember, I have long been fascinated (some might even say obsessed) with my horoscope. …

How to embrace the pain of others while burying your own.

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It has not been an easy year. Being a single mother and raising a child (now an adult) with special needs, and a teenage daughter, I don’t exactly ever have it easy. But, the last 12 months have been especially difficult.

This past year, I ended a relationship with the man I had been with for the last 10 years. Then, I managed several difficulties with my son, including him being suicidal after a breakup and barely graduating high school. Meanwhile, someone else close to me was suicidal and had to be hospitalized.

As one would expect, through all of…

The endless love of a boy gone too soon.

Hunter ❤

This week, our family suffered the tragic loss of my cousin’s little boy, Hunter. Hunter was born with a congenital heart defect (CHD) for which he first had open heart surgery at only 5 weeks old. Hunter recovered fully and went on to become an active, energetic, mischievous (in the most delightful way), loving little boy. During these last, short seven years, he was blessed with being not only a little brother but also had the great fortune of recently becoming a big brother, both roles he treasured dearly. He was a cherished son, grandson, and nephew.

Last week, Hunter…

To the people who mattered when we needed it most.

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It was in preschool that my son first became “That Kid.” He was That Kid who could never seem to do what all the other kids were doing or just follow directions. He was That Kid who challenged just a little bit more, pushed a little bit further, and required more than the other kids. He was That Kid who had problems with taking turns and sharing or controlling his emotions when he was unable to do so.

As he continued into elementary school, you were “That Teacher” who had to repeatedly redirect him and reassure him. You were That…

A letter to my younger self at the hardest time in my life.

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(This letter is from a challenge by Jordin Kelly to honor all you’ve survived by writing a letter to your past self during the hardest time of your life.)

Dearest Jennifer,

I see you there curled up on the floor of your closet crying maybe harder than you ever have in your life. I hear those two sweet, confused babies of yours banging on the door right now wanting you — always wanting of you.

Through your sobs, I can hear the thought looping over and over in your head as you lie in a heap on the floor unsure…

Don’t waste it on regret.

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Our lives are shaped by a series of defining moments — each one woven to create the next and we never know exactly where these moments may lead us.

In the middle of a summer night in 1995, while on the phone with a boy with whom I had long been friends, we found ourselves asking if maybe there was something more between us and decided I would fly out to spend a week with him.

It was, to this day, one of the most amazing weeks of my life. After five years of friendship, we crossed the line into…

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