Nougat Music: The most beautiful Music App likely to launch in beta by Google to take on Apple Music.

Alphabet Inc. the parent company of Google is established to make the core Google Internet Services business “cleaner and more accountable”. Alphabet is mostly a collection of companies which is continuously expanding its portfolio companies in all fields and is directly or indirectly competing with all giants like Microsoft in OS market, Apple and Samsung in Smartphone market, Intel in Microprocessors and even Daimler in driver less car market. Google had a good record of successfully taking a large chunk of market share from its competitors.

Music industry will likely to surpass 100 billion US Dollars by 2020. Google to launch Nougat Music to become a dominant player in this segment by surpassing Apple, Spotify and other current dominant players in this market. The Music App is likely to launch in beta by end of this year and will surely give a head-on challenge to Apple iTunes and Apple Music.