It may have crossed your mind that now would be a good time to experiment with meditation, especially given all the added stress and uncertainty in the world these days. You’ve likely read that meditation can help you reduce anxiety, increase brain function, improve focus, help you sleep better and ultimately lead you to a happier and healthier life. So what stops you?

As a meditation coach, I recognize that there are a lot of misconceptions and stigmas about meditation that stop people from giving it a try. …

Cannabis has been described by many as the next retail renaissance, and with Ontario recently announcing a new framework for recreational cannabis including approving privately owned retail stores to open by April 1, pending legalization, licensed producers are quickly strategizing to define what the key ingredients are in crafting the ideal Canadian cannabis experience.

I’ve spent more than a decade of my career building and executing marketing strategies across luxury, specialty and mass retail, and have experienced first hand how shifts in consumer behaviours are putting increasing demands on the retail experience. …

With just over three months until recreational cannabis gets legalized, Canadians are becoming increasingly interested in learning more and engaging with cannabis. While cannabis culture is stereotypically male, the number of female cannabis users is growing rapidly.

Women make up the bulk of household purchasing power and are the key consumers in the health and wellness industry. Given the projected market size of the Cannabis industry in Canada, marketers simply can’t afford to ignore the female market.

But do brands understand what it takes to market cannabis effectively to this growing demographic of powerful women?

I recently left the fashion…

As we move into an age of increasing digital connection, more brand choice, and higher customer expectations, we are seeing the erosion of brand loyalty, which for many marketers is highly discouraging. Brand love is becoming much harder to achieve, but we know at the heart of every great marketer is our ability to create relationships with our customers in a way that integrates the brand into their daily lives. So how do we keep up and break through in today’s ever-changing consumer landscape of shifting brand loyalty?

I spent the last year as VP of Marketing and Corporate Social…

Jennifer Spencer

Marketing Executive | Transformational Leader | Personal Branding Coach | Storyteller

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