Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2017

Indigo Escape
{Color Trends — Stormy Monday, Porcelain, Sea Life, Shadow}

Have you checked out the Benjamin Moore Color Trends for 2017 yet? Their color of the year is Shadow, it’s a deep, rich, yet muted purple. And every time I see it I think of Indigo Escape.

As you can guess, I love the soothing, soft muted tones of their palette, and they pair nicely with several of my photographs! Let’s take a look:

Tangled Winter Web
{Color Trends — Porcelain, Wet Concrete, Sea Life, Dark Burgundy, Grandfather Clock Brown}
Lake Erie #9
{Color Trends — Sandlot Gray, Wet Concrete, Sea Life, Shadow, Night Shade}
Lake Huron #3
{Color Trends — Pink Bliss, Chalk White, Stormy Monday, Wet Concrete, Sea Life}
Bubblegum Elephant
{Color Trends — Pink Bliss, Iceberg, Wish, Cloud Cover, Gentleman’s Gray}
Julie’s Jive
{Color Trends — Sandlot Gray, Porcelain, Sea Life, Shadow, Dark Burgundy}
Coyote in the Woods
{Color Trends — Chalk White, Iceberg, Sea Star, Salamander, Gentleman’s Gray}

To see more 2017 color trends head over to the Benjamin Moore site, and to see more abstract art and landscape photographs visit