I don’t know how many times I have sat down at my computer or thought about sitting down at my computer to actually start writing…something…anything. I laugh at how often I’ve sat down and then almost instantly felt tired. Like right now. I am talking myself out of a nap, at least until this is completed.

I have taken some crazy awesome big action and had incredible experiences in my life and love to share them with others. However, the thought of actually sitting down and taking the small action of writing and then taking the huge action of pushing the publish button has had me frozen. Until today!

Yes…I still feel scared. Yes…I have concerns that no-one will care. Yes…I let “doing it right” still roll around in my head. Yes…I still wanna feel concerned about proper grammatical formats, punctuation and the likes. Yes…I am feeling every punch of the keys under my fingertips and the emotion well up behind my eyes as I move forward with this, knowing I am going to hit that publish button today. Yes…I am moving forward!

As I was walking this morning I recalled my kayaking adventure yesterday with my daughter Hailey, my sister Laura and her daughter Baylee. It was seven hours on the water plus the 4 plus hours of driving back and forth. It was an adventure oh so worth every minute of drive time and backside discomfort from sitting so long.

Paddling into the mist of Shoshone Falls

Paddling to Shoshone Falls to witness its magnificence was our main goal, however, we gained so much more on the journey. The gorge was spectacular as we were drenched in blue skies and sunshine. The black cliffs climbed to the sides of us and created an atmosphere of serenity and seclusion from the commotion of the everyday world. The water was calm and reflected back to us the beauty that surrounded us and brought a sense of peace that calms to the core of the soul. Last but not least, the opportunity to share such amazingness with people I love and building stronger relationships with them as we shared in the journey of paddling for hours and taking it all in.

In several places along the tall cliff walls we noticed waterfalls of all sizes. At one point we were able to see the water come all the way down to the river. As it was about to reach the river it had to make its way over the sand and mud and had narrowed a small fissure. In that moment I quickly thought how cool it was to witness that act of nature and had the fleeting thought of “this is how the Grand Canyon, Zion National Park and other great gorges started. Then I paddled on.

What I thought was a small and fleeting thought came back to me in a big way as I was walking in the fresh morning air this morning. It hit me that I must do the same thing. Start! Start the flow and continue taking those small, consistent actions that eventually start carrying away residue of old thinking and patterning, get momentum started and creating the amazing goodness of life.

As I watched the streams of water I didn’t notice any of them stopping to ponder what was below them or to say they were scared. No…they just tumbled happily with gravity, creating beauty as they flowed to the river. (I feel another life lesson in that statement and we’ll visit it another day.) Flow! Just flow!

So today is the day I open the dam, release my fears and choose to flow as far as starting to write goes. I have so much to share with you and want with all my heart to assist you in embracing all your own awesomeness in becoming Everyday Super Heroes. I know in order to do so I must put myself out there and lead the way.

I am excited to get to meet you and hear your stories of adventure, heartache, success, failure, joy, pain, growth and triumph. I am also excited to share more of me with you and the adventures I have been on and the adventures I am looking forward to. I invite you to follow me on the Inside Out Adventures Facebook page or on Instagram as ButtinGear. You can also hit this link to learn more about who I am and what I’m up to and how you can be a part of the fun.

Until next time…Run into it and Go BE great!