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First, I want to thank you all for following me on Medium. This “blog” has allowed me to express my, sometimes, contrarian thoughts on work, personal finances, and entrepreneurship.

Moving forward, I will be writing weekly on Substack. This is because sometimes I want to write shorter posts and Medium’s algorithim tends to favour long-form articles. Also, for those who wish to support my writing will be able to do so directly.

I will write public articles there but most of my writing will be members-only. Again, this is to offset the costs and labour of writing.

I intend to occasionally publish on Medium but it will be infrequent and most likely cross-posts from my public Substack articles. …

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Starting a new law firm is exciting. An obvious perk is freedom from the 9 to 5 but the real benefit is the opportunity to build something out of nothing. To create a service that people want but don’t yet have.

Antiquated notions are laying siege on the legal profession’s attempts to enter the twenty-first century. Are litigators like Lionel Hutz or Harvey Spectre? Are legal fees commensurate with the results? Are Big Law firms the best law firms? Are the oldest lawyers the best lawyers?

There are so many poor preconceived notions of lawyers that clients, understandably, approach hiring a lawyer from a place of mistrust. …

How we describe our data-driven style of advocacy at JTC Litigation.

It’s insane to me how law firms do little to help clients make an informed decision on who is best to represent them.

Let’s start with law firm websites. For one, they all look the same. There’s a summary of the areas they practice, people on the team, and a highlight reel of their successes. But there’s not all that much about the firm’s ethos or the personalities of the legal team. Clients can’t tell if the lawyer they will retain will be responsive, approachable, and talk to them rather than at them.

Law firms are also bad at presenting costs. Granted, not all law firms use the same fee model but those who operate on the billable hour don’t really explain the reasoning behind their “price.” All clients assume is that senior lawyers are more expensive than junior lawyers. …


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