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Young people have an incredible amount of energy, passion and desire. Harnessed in the right way. Young people have the energy, skills and ambition to bring about real change, ensuring positive and effective action. It’s what we at ENACTUS call youth power

In a world full of social, political, and economic challenges that transcend geographic boundaries, the community requires new and diverse perspectives to resolve urgent global issues.
The 193 member states of the United Nations recently came to a consensus on 17 sustainable development goals that the international community will commit to tackling by 2030.

From gender equality and food security, to climate change and peace-building, these goals may appear disparate yet they are intrinsically interconnected. There is not one corner of this planet that is not potentially affected by at least one of the 17 goals.

However to achieve the agenda, the youth themselves should be equipped to lead the process of change, and through ENACTUS a generation of leaders capable of addressing the most pressing of national and global issues is being developed.

Enactus is a community of students, academics, and business leaders focused on entrepreneurial action, impacting lives, and shaping a more sustainable world. I was truly humbled when they approached me to join the Team members and allowing me to play a part in their global efforts. This year, Enactus will be partnering with international non profit organizations for innovative and exciting ways to create a brighter, more sustainable future and empowering our community through our community project.

ENACTUS aim to empower students with the expertise, networks, and confidence to become influential leaders in their chosen fields and in their community. This opportunity is offered to students in their various institutions of learned territories to enable successful students to live a better life after school.

In just a few days time, we anticipate #enactusngcu17, the number one leadership training organised by Enactus Nigeria. On Monday 20th 2017, Enactus members from different tertiary institutions will arrive to at the life-changing event. 
Enactus Team members are personally selected for having displayed leadership traits. Many of them come from communities that have already seen or are still undergoing social, political, or economic turbulence, turbulence that typically seems to adversely affect young people disproportionately.

As such, Enactus members are acutely aware of the issues that young people all over the world face, and are also aware of the impact and contribution that young people can make to society, if they take or are given the responsibility to become active agents of change.

Looking ahead at the Enactus Leadership training, it is apparent that students value the opportunity to engage in the sustainable development agenda. Many are already active in their own communities, and Enactus gives them the chance to meet people from all over the world who share interests, passions, and goals. Through conferences, roundtables, community projects, and digital engagement, Enactus also provides a platform for future leaders to espouse their own work, challenge norms, learn from each other, and collaborate across borders on causes that matter to them.

Throughout history, many Enactus ex members, from Michael Ajayi to others, have striven to bring about positive social change, determined to ensure that the world they leave is a better and fairer place than the one they entered. In a world full of challenges, we need leaders with a global outlook who dare to stand up and who dare to stand out and do something different. People often say that ‘today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders’.

However, Enactus has demonstrated that young people are already leading change in their communities. It’s never too early to start shaping our world, and Enactus members can draw on a global network leaders to bring about change more effectively.

We anticipate #enactusngcu17

We are Enactus Fedpoffa

We are #enablingprogress

Together #Weallwin

I am Jennifer Umeh (Team EnactusFPO)