The Shocking Similarities of Gridlock Protestors and Domestic Abusers.

It looked like a proper tailgate party for a Kid Rock or Ted Nugent concert. Clusters of good ol’ country boys drinking beer, waving the American flag and some carried Confederate flags and pro-gun banners. “Stranglehold” and “F#ck You Blind B#tch” blaring loudly.

Let me first say, I’m proud of my state because not only is it four seasons of heaven, but we also have a Governor who wants to protect our safety and who embodies the strength to push vital progress. As far as the community in Michigan, there are so many who choose kindness and peace. We probably have the most genuinely kind souls that my traveling heart has encountered. However, I couldn’t be more appalled with the Michigan Proud Boy mentality exhibited in the recent protests organized by the Michigan United for Liberty group.

These are not the Michiganders I know and love. It’s boggling how three thousand individuals defied emergency safety requirements to partake in a racist political rally. This side Michigan is disturbing and my level of concern for my beautiful, however somewhat ignorant Michigan, hasn’t subsided.

I admit it was shockingly hard not to look, and after browsing the social media pictures posted from Gridlock attendees, I think it’s clear this is a pre-Civil war ideology that is masked behind the label of an organized conservative rally. If you oppose my observation, tell me why Republican political candidates were gallantly posing in pictures with the Michigan Proud boys? This is a group that promotes political violence.

As an empathic person, and someone who always tries my best to follow safety measures, I can’t imagine how terrified I would have been if I resided in Lansing during this hate filled gathering. Can you imagine; the blaring noise, the aggression, the evil anger, the parade of machine guns parading through the locked down of streets?

What seems the most horrific, is how those who are innocently quarantined lack the ability to leave their home or, in some cases, even lack the ability to drive in case of an emergency. The “sorry not sorry” gridlocking. protesters exhibit narcissistic behavior by happily infringing on the health and safety of the Lansing community seemingly without any concern for anything about how the “Safe at Home” guidelines are affecting them.

It’s clear this was an uncivilized organization of people who have a sick greed for power and a desperate attempt to gain control through acts of intimidation. The gloating, bombastic selfies show that this was a proud, shining moment in their lives. It reminded me of an abuser who isolates their victims and takes all resources away in order to maintain their power and control.

The uncanny similarities of protesters and domestic abusers is shocking. Above is the Power and Control wheel. This pie graph is used to educate how to interpret the behaviors of people who batter and to identify domestic abuse. While this graph is very accurate in diagnosing domestic violence, many people are unaware of the graph and of the behaviors of domestic violators.

As scary as the ignorance of our present culture’s knowledge of domestic abuse, it’s more terrifying to see police officers, social workers and judges minimize this graph. As wide spread the contagion of domestic violence and COVID-19, it’s shocking to see so many lack the ability to use proper data and research in accordance to prevent more cases, protect the vulnerable and essentially prevent deaths.

Domestic violence is also a pandemic. Partly from a of lack of education with low levels of funding to educate the public and judicial system on this problem. But a bigger factor is that domestic violence has been around for centuries and is ingrained in our society and the psyche of many, especially in people like those who participated in the protests against social distancing.

As COVID-19 rapidly spread and contaminates us, more and more people will increasingly die. And one of the side effects of the “Stay at Home” orders to protects us are silently contributing to an increase of domestic violence.

With both of these pandemics, the ignorance of people who profess their individual rights to freedoms over the rights and safety of others, results in grave and often deadly consequences. There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action. It is the actions leading from the implications derived out of ignorance that leads to harm. By not respecting science and data and choosing to listen to pseudo-science and conspiracy theories because this supports their superiority is a form of ignorance. It is dangerous to open up the state if we don’t have the data to properly support the spread of the virus, our current government is looking to .

The pictures of the protest that I saw were terrifying. Why did they carry AK-47’s? Forgive me for questioning their bizarre logic, but how can guns and bullet proof vests really protect from a virus? Did they really think the police would use deadly force to stop their protest? Or was it just a show of power because. of their insecurities and they know they are powerless over the virus. Just like domestic abusers, these protesters chose to use strong messages of intimidation. What is more intimidating than hundreds of armed, white men gathering around your place of work, screaming “lock her up?”

According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, statistics show that the presence of a gun in domestic abuse situations can increase the risk of homicide for women by as much as 500%. Domestic abusers use a system of ongoing suppression and terror, to invoke fear in order to control their victims. Abusers do not respect boundaries and they often go beyond the emotional, financial and spiritual abuse and use physical force to get their way.

Nothing screams more aggressive red flags of an abuser like “ Yeah, part 2 should be to occupy the capital, and camp out on the capital lawn to get her attention and make her listen, or an armed response and removal from office.” — John Marchetti.

Damn this man means business. Did he actually threaten to shooting her up?… yikes. But really John, it’s par for the course of an abusive man of your stature to punish a woman for being only protective of her kin. Historically, the Confederates and America are giant enemies but the shocking irony of gridlockers waving the abolished “Blood Stained Banner”- aka the Evil Confederate flag side by side the American flag signals their idea that violence and the coercive control of others is perfectly copasetic to Conservatives and to grid-lockers, and I’m puzzled again, what does slavery and racism have to do with Covid 19?

Let me inform you Grid-lockers, there is nothing more un-American than the confederate flag. So, I see using our American flag with the flag of death as just another way that abusers use to justify that it’s “ American” to empower their ideas. That it’s ok to abuse and exploit humans and the rape of women and children… the epitome of the confederacy. I didn’t realize, until I saw the protesters waving the rebel flag of the Confederacy, the shocking number of Americans who appear proud of the most evil period that our country went through (besides the trail of tears), or ignorant of what the flag represents.

It is as offending and just as terrifying as repeating the “ Joke” Q “What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? A “Nothing, you told her twice already.” This is a characteristic of the morally disabled. Society has somehow deemed Detroit the ground zero of this crisis because of the lockdown measures enacted to contain the Corona virus, and the gridlockers knowingly disregard their lives, and the lives of innocent bystanders, by soiling (no pun intended) our state. They reportedly deficated on the sidewalks and may unintentionally be spreading COVID-19.

The communities of the most impacted is just like an abuser who has zero empathy for the safety of those they abuse. I see this death flag as a manipulation prop, basically minimizing the existence of any life on the basis of all lives matter until they’ve denied a man’s will to do what they want… then “your life don’t matter bitch!!!”

I thought your motto was “All lives Matter!” But not black lives, huh? Or just not any life besides your own…. Or how about the lives of the women you abuse? How is not protecting those who are suffering even socially tolerated? How is a selfish, greedy narrative even present in 2020? Being greedy and selfish is a common characteristic of abusers. Financial abuse is very common in domestic violent homes. The abuser uses all means to have control with their pocketbook. Mental Emotional abuse is an attempt to make a person feel unworthy, crazy and coerce their agendas on their victims regardless of the harm it causes.

Domestic abusers use a system of ongoing suppression and terrorizing to invoke fear. Abusers do not respect boundaries. Hey Gridlockers, there was a boundary of social distancing you chose to neglect… This boundary was to protect you and everyone else, but abusers use physical force to get their way.