The best Coconut Yogurt Recipe

One thing that we will all agree is that the dairy-free yogurt has a delicious taste. Not only is it made using coconut milk that is 100% natural but it is free from gluten, dairy, soya, lactose and sugar additives. It is also all vegan and can be quite tasty. The yogurts is also available in a wide range of flavors such as raw chocolate and fruit flavors. If you are looking for a good coconut yogurt recipe, here it is:

Banana with almond butter ice cream

This is one of the most straightforward recipes. However you don’t have to tell your guests how easy it is to make as they will enjoy the taste.


_Two bananas that have be frozen
_A tablespoon of almond butter which should be frozen
_Two pitted dates
_A pot of vanilla coconut yogurt

How to Prepare

Simply whizz all the ingredients together using a blender before serving.

Coconut Plum Crumble:

To prepare this delicacy, you will need the following ingredients:

_Paleo granola. This is something that we all love.
_8 plums
_Serve with vanilla coconut yogurt and nutmeg ice cream

How to Prepare

Start by de-stoning plums and putting in a plan with little amounts of water and the vanilla bean pod. Cook for a little period of time with a lid on until you are sure that the plums have softened. You can then add the ramekins before covering and consuming with spoon cereal and paleo granola. You should then place inside the oven and bake at 120 degrees for a period of 45 minutes or until it gets browned. Serve with nutmeg ice cream or the coconut yogurt vanilla.


To make this, you will need the following ingredients:

_One avocado
_Lime juice squeeze
_Paprika squeeze
_Diced tomato
_Chopped onions

How to Prepare

Lend the lime, avocado, paprika, onions, tomato and garlic. Use a tablespoon to stir through the natural coconut yogurt and serve. The only option you will have to make is on between the crudit or pitas.

Coconut Yogurt Bark

You will need the following ingredients

_5 strawberries chopped
_A few shelled pistachios
_A pot of coconut yogurt

Start by mixing the ingredients and freezing them to the point where they become solid. Break into small pieces and place in a freezer.