John Steinbeck (Wikipedia)

John Steinbeck (1902–1968) was a Pulitzer Prize winner, a Nobel laureate, and a writing guru, whose works are still making splashes today. He was born in Salinas, dropped out of Stanford, and worked as a manual labor before becoming a huge name in the literary world.

His novel “The Grapes of Wrath,” which was considered the finest and most ambitious, depicted the migration of a family from the Oklahoma Dust Bowl to California won him the Pulitzer in 1940 and a National Book Award. …

Most typical teenagers likely have thought about or, even, have tried running away from home. Parents and non-parents alike must take this intention seriously as it is as a very dangerous thing to do. Throughout the United States, 450,000 minors run away from home every year and within 48 hours one out of three will become a human trafficking victim.

Running away from home is oftentimes the gateway to being trafficked into the scary and dark business of selling and buying human beings, such as being sex workers, sex slaves, labor slaves, or other derogatory inhumane positions against their will…

From time to time, we “break” the code of mannerism, despite what our mothers taught us. Sometimes we have to “fake” out, to make things look more “acceptable.” With today’s world of gadgets, we can easily “fake” things out by focusing on our little virtual world. Common courtesy, thus, is a rarity. Let’s remind ourselves that we are courteous and modern lifestyle doesn’t change us into “uncivilized” beasts.

How often do you see someone who isn’t paying attention to his or her surroundings because of being too busy with a cellphone, tablet computer, or laptop? …

Jennifer Xue

Author, columnist & serial entrepreneur |

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