Gender Violence , also known as Gender Based Violence or gendered Violence , is a the term used to denote harm inflicted upon individuals and groups that is connected to normative understanding of their gender. Women are commonly the victim of Gender Based Violence


‘’This pandemic will increase the precariousness of women’s and girls’ situations and heightens their vulnerability, emphasizing gender inequalities”, explained Julienne Lusenge, Executive Director of the Fund for Congolese Women (FFC) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We have seen this assertions playout as China reports on Gender Based…


Globally communities interpret biological differences between men and women to create a set of social expectations that define the behaviors that are ‘’appropriate’’ for men and women determine women and men’s different to rights , resources , power in society and health behaviors’, there are tendencies to favor men , this creates imbalance in power and gender inequality , Gender equality is about putting human rights first regardless of the sex and not placing , putting sex based social structures. This perceives gender roles find its way into the work space thereby creating so many…

YOUR BUSINESS IS.... '' LIFE" (Reviewing Business of Life - by Elisha Mamman)
Business of Life is an eight (8) chapter book which in my view is a must read for every one who wants to succeed, Is a book that simplifies how to profit from life, In this book the author emphasized profitable living in his 8 Life philosophy which includes (But not limited to) people, service, work and diligence;This eight chapters book will teach you how to create a great opportunity to invest in your business which is Life itself.
So, if you ask questions like, why am I…

Echoes of Justice is a book(or rather collection of articles in book) written by the visionary leader Gloria Ballason , a collection of her thoughts on different subjects, from Gay rights, Gender, lDPs and contemporary issues around Law and Justice. The book has unique style of Chapters within a Chapter, and each chapter which she calls sections contain a unique message on a particular subject. …

The More Vulnerable the Vital the Voices
( '' The Chibok Girls'' Book review)

Helon Habila uses the storytelling methodology in a very transparent manner, it describes the event of the kidnap of the chibok girls in North-East Nigeria; not according to the account of the heresy or media, but the persons affected directly by the event tell their stories themselves.
The writer(or the character) shared his experiences visiting the scene of the crime, the shielded versions of the story was revealed, sadly but true we also see through the pain of the military as seen through this excerpt (page 15)


The Africa we want is where no one is oppressed
Where there are no more wars.
We want to sit together, share together inspite of all we’ve been through, inspites of our religion or status. If we shed a tear let it be tales of Joy.

We want Africa to be the home of Justice and peace

Oh the Africa we want is the Africa where vulnerable voices are heard!

The Africa we want is where equity, progress and Love is a normal way of life.

The Africa ooooo the Africa, oh the Africa we want is where everyone is entitled to an opinion.

The Africa we want will depend on what you will or Not Do.



Perhaps one of the most beautiful lessons I have learnt is that "No one is too poor that they cannot give anything". This is true! When we shut up the voices of vulnerable persons, we are equally shutting up a third of the population and that is part of our problem, However, Vulnerable Vioces should be part of the solution! …


When you look at me and look away
When you think of me and not my say
And when you say I am the problem and not the solution

Remember I have what to say…

When I lost everything ,but not my voice...
I have something to say....

When you take decisions concerning and I don't have a say
Remember I have what to say.....

I’m wounded, bruised but what’s worse is when I’m not heard
Yes. I have something to say....

( This piece is dedicated to all the Internally Displaced Persons in my country Nigeria)


(Reviewing Alain Mabanckou’s Broken Glass)

The broken Glass is a book with so much lessons from lives of ordinary people with real short comings . Alain Mabanckou’s uses figures of speech so beautifully that makes one appreciate the gift of Nature. For example The main character in the Novel came to a point where he felt only the trees understood him. He likened the tree to care for him by moving its leaves to show it cares(personification) The tree was always there for him. The place where he often will urinate when he comes back drunk as…

(My #NotAnotherNigerian Family)

It all started in March at the American University of Nigeria Yola during the inauguration as a fellow, I got to meet my new family, The '' #NotAnotherNigerian family '' and I became inducted in a new way of life to profer solutions to violent extremism, one of the things I learnt very early is commitment. It requires high level of commitment to counter Narrative of extremist .
In our Journey we didn’t know who was Christian or Moslem, Rich or poor, we bonded so much and the glue…


A North East Social Innovation Fellow,#YALIAlumni #Lawyer #Commisionerforgender@AfricanYouthCommision #Founder @bvprights.org

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