“Will this be on the test?”
Seth Godin

Hi Seth, while I very much agree with your perspective on the current state of U.S. higher education pedagogy, however, I don’t see your altMBA path as a practical alternative. What employers are recognizing it as entry-level criteria for 18–22-year olds, or even as equivalent to a traditional MBA? While I’m certain developing and facilitating your course is extremely hard work, it’s designed for an elite group of privileged, highly motivated learners, that self- and admissions-select to be in your program. Among the criterion, the ability to pay $3000 for 4 weeks. If you stretch that out to a tradition 14-week semester of learning that would be around $10,500 per course. Certainly not sustainable for most people, and actually more than the elite higher education institutions you’ve just criticized. I’m also not certain your course has much in common with the retention measure you’re using for comparison, MOOCs. Your course is neither massive, nor open. In addition, as part of your program you don’t have to bother with minor tasks of accreditation or financial aid within an outmoded, extremely dense system of higher education bureaucracy. Yes, MOOCs and online higher education from public and private colleges and universities must transform and become much more engaging, motivating, and aligned with real-world tasks, and these programs need to attract learners than want to be there, not just for the carrot. However, your comparisons and criticisms in this post, and promotion of your solution as superior don’t seem to hold the usual amount of Seth Godin water.

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