Another new language

We’re about halfway done at The Iron Yard and we have gone over the following languages, frameworks, and libraries:

Terminal/bash commands

Talk about a lot of information in 6 weeks. I’m likely missing some items from this list, and haven’t included the programming principles we’ve covered. I have come from minimal coding knowledge to a novice front-end engineer in 6 weeks. That’s incredible. Wow. When’s the last time I learned this much in such a short time? Infancy? 😉

A little bit of SQL

This week we’re stepping a little deeper into back-end fundamentals but still learning some parts and pieces. Feels like having flour, sugar, eggs, and cocoa, but no brownies!

I learned the tiniest bit of SQL (pronounced “sequel”) today, how to build a simple database, and how to run queries against it. Pretty cool stuff! It’s sort of like Excel but you type out everything you need.

Tomorrow we’ll start to put some of the pieces together and integrate databases with our Node apps. Who knows, maybe there will be brownies, too!