CSS (Day 3)

Today we worked on CSS, which stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Yesterday I mentioned HTML which is the foundation for a lot of websites. CSS is used on top of that foundation layer to make the web pretty. There’s a neat website that illustrates CSS power called CSS Zen Garden. Click on a few of those examples and you’ll see the basic website content (HTML) is all the same but they look vastly different from one another!

It’s been awhile since I practiced this language so I went into class feeling rusty and slightly overwhelmed. There was a little temptation to get grumpy and close-minded about it, but I found that quickly went away once I set my mind to keep pushing. After the final individual project I feel much more confident. #GrowthMindset wins every time.

So far the group practice is helping me grasp the concepts and the individual work is useful for proving I can do it. (We’ll see how I feel about that tomorrow when we practice CSS Flexbox styling… and in a few weeks when we start back-end languages… 😬)

This first week is going great. All my classmates are really neat people and I sense we are meshing really well. Our instructors are engaging, funny, and patient. The Iron Yard has fostered a warm, welcoming environment and I already feel at home on campus. Pressing on with 11 1/2 weeks to go!

P.S. The CSS project I did today is visible at https://jennilynhowell.github.io/1.3-puppies/