Is it already Wednesday?

Holy cow, this week is flying. We started back-end fundamentals this week and can I tell you that I am loving it? At least the material in the shallow end is a lot of fun. This week we are getting an overview, then we will dig deep in the three weeks ahead.

PLUS! We are learning some lightweight computer science. Er, internet science. Everything I’ve built so far is hosted on my internal server, which is why I can’t share a link with you (yet). We’ll learn hosting/deployment later.

I know I often say that I’m having, but it’s no lie. I truly love to learn, and am enjoying my time at The Iron Yard.

We have been building apps in a language called Node.js which is JavaScript for back-end engineering. It’s similar to customary, or ‘vanilla’ JS, but there is a ton to learn. For instance, starting from scratch now means downloading several libraries of code in order to have something that works. I’m talking 50+ folders of support code, most of which have other folders of data inside them. 💥 And then learning how to use each of those frameworks… it’s a lot.

Let me see if I can explain this:
Typical front-end engineering has involved writing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. It can be inflexible in the sense that if you want to update or change something you’ll need to go re-code several things. It’s a top-down approach.

This week we’re learning a bottom-up approach: I can take a stack of data, push it through a template framework (a library called “mustache” of all things) and display it on screen. Something changes? Just update the data. Something gets cut from the data? It won’t appear on screen. It’s amazing.

Yesterday’s project was really fun. We made a sort-of LinkedIn, but for robots. All I was provided was a hunk of data and, using minimal HTML/CSS, I made this site (below). Additionally, we learned how to create dynamic endpoints for a server (that’s so nerdy, I love it). What this means is each of these robots has their own profile address but I’ve only provided instructions and design for one. Crazy cool, right?

Yesterday’s project. Clicking on the names brings up a new page.

Thanks for riding along with me during this journey. ✌🏼