Most fun project so far

Hey y’all, I built a web app this week, and it’s been my favorite project so far. Challenging, frustrating at times, and a little weird, but I’m thrilled with the end result. Feel free to check it out, and play a song or

We wrapped up last week working with APIs and this project was our first step into a more complex API. The ‘guts’ of the project focused on getting data from SoundCloud and playing it back on our page. As for the design: entirely up to me! You know I had fun with that!

I have a background image overlaid with a color gradient to make this ‘ombre’ look. This is one heavy-CSS project I really enjoyed.

Something I’ve learned the hard way is Bootstrap is life. What’s Bootstrap? The greatest thing since the internet (not joking). It’s a CSS framework that does 98% of the design work for you. Simply attach it to your HTML project, assign the right classes, and *poof* beautiful site. Want some different colors or fonts? Customize to your heart’s content.

Another project we did last week (and that I just finished) is making a replica of GitHub, which is built with Bootstrap. Part of what took me so long is I tried to build it without, and then got angry at the project, and then scrapped most of it and re-did it with Bootstrap. Now that I’ve worked things out it looks a lot better. Compare my project to the real thing.

This week we’re building the word game hangman! I’m looking forward to it. 🤓