Okay, JS is fun

Today I built software. That is bad-ass. I’ve been at The Iron Yard just 3 weeks and I can now build software. What!

We manipulated the DOM with JavaScript during class today and things are making a lot more sense now that my code affects the webpage instead of only the console. Some of the problems I struggled with yesterday are a little bit clearer, too.

My color clock. I have some ideas on how to make it better, including cleaning up the basic functionality.

I had a blast making this neat clock that changes color based on the time, and making web forms with JS is turning out to be pretty cool, too. This project is close but not perfect yet.

It’s hard to believe that tomorrow marks a quarter of the way through class. I’m feeling sad that it’s sailing by so quickly — but still so excited about the weeks and frustrations and triumphs to come.