Women in tech

Touching on this trending topic today. Will my perception change or expand over the next few months at The Iron Yard?

“Women In ___.” It’s everywhere, and interesting/perplexing considering our society’s take on gender roles. There have only been a few, very brief, instances where I felt “less than” because of my gender. And compared with global women’s issues, I am overwhelmingly blessed to have an education, drive myself around, hold a job, chase success, wear shorts in the summer (bless it, South Carolina), and enjoy the support of my family while doing all those things.

Will you allow me to be sassy for a sec? I’ve been in tech since ding dang 1995, when the cow-spotted Gateway box showed up at our front door. (Are you hearing dial-up tones in your head, too?) I was playing with Windows 95 not long after I learned to tie my shoes.

For me, being a woman working in tech simply means applying me to my work, which has been ingrained since kindergarten. “All I ask is for your very best, whether that’s an A or a D,” Dad would say to me on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

Here’s what I mean:

Do I have level-11 integrity? Sure do. So does my work.
Can I empathize with others? Yep, and I do that with my clients and colleagues.
Am I optimistic to a fault, and dogged in finding creative solutions to problems? Yes siree — especially at work.
Do my past experiences inform my current decisions? Absolutely.

That’s very granular, I know. But those things define my work ethic and my work ethic matters a lot more than my gender.

What’s your take on the “Women In ___” trend?

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