Top 3 Signs Someone Close to You is ACTUALLY Being Verbally Abusive — And The Excuses You Keep Ignoring

Here’s the thing, in recent years we’re all so quick to pretend we’re not too sensitive like taking a joke or trying to prove that we’re not strict when someone’s being politically incorrect which gets thrown around A lot but here’s the thing, if the words feel more like a boxing glove, maybe it’s time to actually speak up

#1 They speak about you, around you (most likely just within ear range)

You ever listen in from the next room over and what they are saying oddly enough describes or reminds you of you, such as events between you and one other friend that the 3 other friends get a recap of……and certain moments seem Blown up into a major big deal and now shining in a negative light? And as it always turns out, you return and the room goes deathly quiet and x ray vision looks make you wanna crawl into a hole?

#2. “THEY told me stuff about you but i don’t say anything to them, it’s not like they got the negative opinion from me, i wouldn’t do that to you!”

It’s quite interesting that people that didn’t witness certain things except the bestie yet the news magically is known. Quick!!! Get your interview equipment out!! You have psychic friends!! You better start getting the dirt about the 6th serve abilities perhaps they can share the gift with you as well. This one is a no brainer, need i say more. DON’T BE IN DENIAL! It’s not a good look darling

#3 They project their guilty conscious onto you, AKA Pointing the finger at you to blame

If you feel two seconds away from calling up a shrink or to check yourself in Cuz you feel like a crazy person, you’re not alone. They successfully convinced you that you’re the problem, you’re the fuck up and if you would just bend over and pull your pants down so then it would be easier for them since them continuously fucking you is wearing on them….And the brain washing and guilt trips make it to the point that you can barely let out an objection or complaint, being told that they care about you but on the other hand you can go die somewhere else where nobody cares about you after all….can leave your brain feeling like Jell-O and Damn Skippy, your pants were getting a tad tight and the breeze on your ass cheeks might Cool you off….just make sure they’re using lube

But all light hearted jokes aside, i digress. My point being, looking back now i hope the tactics they put you through now appear clear as day and you no longer need to give in to your modern day adult bully.

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