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Threw this together after deciding not to spend $12 ordering specialty bubble tea on UberEats.

1 tablespoon Dutch processed Camino Cocoa powder
3/4 cup whole milk
1 star anise arm
half a cinnamon bark
2 tablespoon coconut oil
1 tablespoon honey (sorry vegans)
1 shot Havana rum
[Cloves might have been nice.]

Heat in saucepan til steam rises, and pour into cup.

Add rum last or it’ll boil off.

Turn on all lights at home to lower your melatonin.

Just notes here

  1. npm install express and latest version of node
  2. Get server running first. resist urge to write more code without testing
  3. Make api and public/app folders
  4. Make .gitignore to ignore node_modules and config.js
  5. npm install — save-dev for dependencies
  6. npm init to create a package.json
  7. make a server.js file with routing ‘/’ to res.send “hello world”
  8. make a router.js file to use express/express.Router() to handle get and post requests. Include body.parser
  9. Test using Postman
  10. Write a mongo.js file to abstract mongo connection to rest of app
  11. Write a schema, test it with one key:value pair
  12. If using mLabs, remove localhost and port info from mongo.js and insert mlab uri in config.js
  13. Test on Postman

“I’m leaving. I got a job at Store.”

“Woah yay! You put your notice in?”

“Yep. This morning.”

“I’m glad for you.”

“And where are you going Jen?”

“Home. To code.”

Real interview questions that I’ve been asked


“Tell me about yourself.”

“How did you get interested in a dev career?”

“Describe your ideal work environment”

“What are your favourite libraries?”

“Do you like dogs?”

“Why do you want to be a developer?”

Calibre Evaluators

“How do we know that…

For small fryz like me

Writing Markup Like it’s 1996.

Just want to vent about a bunch of things I’ve discovered on the job because I haven’t seen many pages posting solutions to common Outlook rendering issues within this year:

  1. Outlook 2013 and 2016 uses Microsoft Word rendering engine instead of a browser rendering engine…

jen chan

I do all my blogging on Dev.TO now

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