Having or Wanting it all…

Part of the inspiration behind my book The Girl Who Just Wanted To Have Fun is the idea that women can ‘have it all’. Reading blogs, forums and magazines aimed at women it is clear we should all be striving to achieve in every area of our lives but wow how bad do we feel when we are not! Whether it is a ‘Janet’ telling us what terrible parents we are, Ivanka Trump gloating at her work/ life balance or Katie Hopkins generally making us feel like we have failed, women are constantly being pressurised and put down. Here is a fictional article from the fictional Daily Fail reporting on the fictional characters in the book. Enjoy.

From High Flier to Glamorous Party Girl — How These Women are Putting you All to Shame!

By Fiona Codswallop, The Daily Fail

Forget slummy mummies and benefit scroungers these are the winners of our outstanding women of the month and they are showing you all up!

I meet our first ‘Woman of the month’ Betsy at her beautiful home and sip my Italian coffee accompanied by an exquisite homemade biscotti. Every surface is gleaming and the kitchen is filled with the smells of delicious cooking which she tells me is one of her hobbies. Betsy is a growing breed of glamorous homemakers who are choosing their family above everything else and devoting time and energy into keeping a spotless home. Betsy laughs at the glam label, telling me that she is generally more at home in her slippers and apron than any posh frock. Betsy has put aside all career aspirations and potential romance to care for her family and tells me with a smile that she has no regrets. “My friends are my family also and they just love to come over for a good meal.” She tells me modestly. While I wonder how I can get an invite to her next gathering!

Liz on the other hand is much more at home in her office than in the kitchen. We meet on the 17th floor of a shiny skyscraper in the City and talk as she walks me through her daily work. Liz is one of only a few women to have smashed the glass ceiling in her firm but still manages to boss the boys around without a hair out of place. She confides that she sees her make up a bit like a ‘battle mask’ and confesses that her partner would be horrified by the amount she spends in Reiss each month. Liz has plenty of tips for women wanting to build a career. She explains how she started at the bottom of a smaller firm and worked her way up by always being the most helpful and hardest working member of the team. Liz admits that her social life sometimes suffers as work hours are long but as such a rising star in the world of finance she wouldn’t swap it for the world. A feminist with heels on now that’s what we like to see.

In contrast our third lovely lady of the month Ellie, says that her main purpose in life is socialising. She is often seen on the arms of some of London’s hottest celebrities and has a diary full of openings that most of us could only dream of. Ellie says that her beauty doesn’t come naturally and invites us to visit her in the mornings! As she sips on her martini in the heart of London’s West End Ellie tells us that she doesn’t understand it when women lose their glamour. That there is no need for sports wear outside the gym and that she would never leave the house without a full face of make up. Much as we would love to be Ellie’s plus one for her amazing calendar of events we are not sure we could keep up!