Why you shouldn’t blog on Medium
Yann Girard

Dear Yann, I appreciate your advice and respect your opinion. You wrote a cautionary tale, pointed out what sounded like valid criticism, yet admitted you loved Medium. Your intentions were good; and I, for one, appreciate your concern.

To put it simply; writers are being used for their content, or stories, and to benefit Medium, and getting little or nothing in return.

You could be right, but in my case I may be taking advantage of Medium. I’m an absolute virgin, haven’t gone beyond first base beginner. I know nothing. I not only don’t know anything about promoting myself , I only know the bare minimum about the mechanics of writing and publishing online. Don’t laugh and I’ll tell you a secret; I’m writing from my Android phone. I know! If I’d thought ahead I’d have used a pseudonym before making this admission.

I started writing on Medium because it was on The List, which is not a bucket list, because I don’t like to acknowledge my mortality, but rather a “ to do” list, of Things to Do Before I’m 70.

I started by making a very brief response to someone’s post. I couldn’t believe Medium was allowing me to do this. I posted longer responses as I grew braver. What audacity! Here I was, a mere seat holder sneaking in and mixing with the real stars. I got a recommend! Then I actually got into double digits ,very low, but still. Then I got a follower. Come on, people. You’re killing me. I can’t take this kind of pressure.

I didn’t anticipate this kind of reaction. Now I’ve got big dreams. Someday, I might have followers, readers, a blog! I might write on my desktop instead of my phone. What if my responses hit triple digits someday? I could even pick up another follower or two. Nah, crazy talk; next thing you know, I’ll be talking about getting paid.

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