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I’m with you. I think I may come across as a Trump supporter, and I’m not, I haven’t decided who I will vote for in the presidential election. I’m finding it difficult. I have voted Democrat and Republic in the past. When I find myself in this position it often becomes a process of elimination with my vote going to the last man (or woman) standing.

If I felt strongly enough to campaign for a candidate it would be different, but as it stands, my preference is my private business, as is yours, your dad’s, and everyone else’s. Voting booths are private, and ballots are secret for a reason.

I disagree with the vilification and character assassination of Trump’s supporters. People have the right to support whoever they choose without fear of persecution. That’s freedom. That’s democracy. That’s America.

A restaurant posted a sign; Trump Supporters Not Welcome. Questions are asked: Would you hire a Trump supporter; Would you use their services; Would you want them to buy yours? If you’re okay with this because it’s the evil Trump, what if it’s your candidate next time?

I just would like to see people treat each other more civilly and allow the Democratic process to work.

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