What I’ve Learned from Medium 2 Months In – It Isn’t Good
Pete Ross

Your article addresses many concerns I’ve had since becoming a writer on Medium. At the onset, I was just delighted to be a part of it, to post my writing and to read and respond to other writers. I had low expectations, thinking it might be like journal writing for me. When I began to pick up a few followers; I was overwhelmed with gratitude for each one. I still am, but without being ungrateful, I ask the same question you did. If I have followers, how can so many of my posts have zero reads?

I’m not sure how the story feed works, but I will attempt to read the works of those I follow.

*The comments below were added later:

After hitting ‘Publish' it occurred to me I hadn’t given my response enough thought. I do that sometimes, speak (or write) without thinking enough about what I’m saying.

It’s math, and being an artistic type, I don’t think mathematically, but the people who follow me also follow a lot of other people, hundreds even for some. Time would not permit them to read everyone’s writing. I get it now. I feel like an idiot. I apologise for my earlier comment.

In retrospect, I acknowledge that when I receive zero reads for something I’ve written, it’s because it didn’t interest anyone. I can learn from that.

Even though I’ve lived a long time, I’m still learning, evolving, and changing, as a person and a writer. I’m glad Medium is a part of that. My thanks to all the other writers for sharing their lives and writing and allowing me to be a small part of this space.

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