The Next Big Thing in Design
Tim Brown

I work in the military heathcare system as a UX researcher. Your words practicially brought me to tears. I walk those very halls with creatives and analysts alike — simple pleasantries exchanged but no real common language to bind us. The silos of various divisions do overlap, but still try to maintain their individual identities —are further complicated by government contracts vs. government civilians and active-duty personnel. They all speak different languages, juggling contract and government client expectations, riddled with tons of paperwork inbetween. It is amazing to be in an environment that truly needs UX, but I am, at times, disheartened at the slow, monotonous pace that makes me question what good I can really do. Policies, regulations, philosophical differences…all keep us prisoners with little walking room. The tide is changing….but it needs more…a true disruption. A deep awakening that our country — rich in resources, talent and promise — needs before we consume our talents and abilities for overthinking, risk aversion, and fear…