The One Small Step That Could Change Everything: Are You Willing to Take It?

I come with an encouraging word or two (and a practice) that sprang forth from contemplating how many of us have radically changed our lives or thought of changing them by taking that one seemingly small step that has the potential to rewrite everything.

How many of you feel you’re close to making that ONE MOVE you’re sure will change your life as you know it right now?

MY ONE SMALL STEP happened in 2015 when I nervously clicked the send button of an email I’d written, resigning from a position in an organization that no longer had honoured who I had become.

Within moments of sending that email, my nervousness turned to elation as I realized I was free.

I had just given myself FULL PERMISSION to create a life based on what my heart wanted and what my soul knew was possible.

My life has truly never been the same and I have never looked back.

“Nobody is going to come and pick me. I’m going to have to pick myself.” ~Seth Godin

Godin’s words never felt truer at that time in my life.

When I first started consistently living from a place where I was 100% RESPONSIBLE for what I was aligning to, my life began taking the quantum leaps that I’d read about in books about manifesting.

I started to choose step-by-quantum-step on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, what would bring me JOY. I gave myself full permission to be doing work that is fulfilling, impacts others and positively affects the planet. I realized that any doubt, excuse or restriction I had was a condition I was placing on myself.

From this place, my Love Maps were born, blending all that I love to do and talk about through an astrological, archetypal lens focused in on past lives, psychology, life purpose, relationships, career, abundance, and creativity — a big departure from teaching English to ESL students.

I started a blog called “Love Letters” that for me is a platform to share about how my life and others’ lives are being impacted by THE GREATER FORCES of Love, Wonder, Creativity, Serendipity, Freedom and Joy.

No longer was I editing other people’s work, filled with the longing to write my own stories and articles.

The costs of not showing up to my life in an authentic way had been TOO BIG for too long. I was done lying to myself (and others) by pretending I was someone that at the core I wasn’t.

I’ve opened myself up to new collaborations and friendships, both of which include people who have shown me unprecedented levels of kindness, expansion, acceptance and laughter

I created two online coaching programs — one on prosperity consciousness and the other on intution — so that I could offer to others all that I’d learned about accessing the inner planes and inner guidance–exercises, stories and techniques that I was passionate about sharing, so more people could craft an authentic, blissful life on their terms with these self-empowering tools.

I am writing a book and a workbook to help others navigate their own Life Plan in a way much more elegant, refined and direct than I did.

And in those days I struggle or nostaligcally pine for the “good ol’ days,” I repeat, “Nobody is going to come and pick me. I’M GOING TO HAVE TO PICK MYSELF.”

This doesn’t mean I am living my life without any support — quite the opposite in fact, but I know it is me who has to commit each day to living a life in alignment to the truth of who I am. No one else could possibly know what this entails for me — or you.

How about you? What’s your next step?

Maybe for today it’s being willing to choose to live a life aligned to how you want to feel and how you want to show up in this world.

Are you willing to question regularly the “should have’s” and the “should do’s”? I ask this quesiton because this line of inquiry could be your one step towards self-love and saying “yes” to an authentic, purpose-filled life.

Science says that over 90% of what we’ve created in this world was first born in worlds invisible to the naked eye. Consider the impact then of the power of visualizing or visioneering for five minutes a day in which you create the world you would like to give birth to.

For 300 seconds, imagine yourself in the body, in the relationship, in the job or in your community where you are giving yourself both the permission and the gift of feeling the ALIVENESS, the JOY and the GRATITUDE of radiantly and unapologetically honoring yourself and you unique gifts and talents.

What do you look like? What are you wearing? Who’s there with you? What are you doing? Create the scene with as much depth and detail as you can.

Imagine after a few minutes of moving around as the new you that there is a rope or an energetic cord linking your self now to that future self — heart-to-heart. What are you feeling when you do this? Excitement? Joy? Confidence? Power? Love? Take at least a minute to tap into that higher vibration of joy or love. This is where the magic happens on a quantum manifesting level.

Know that this future self exists and when we learn to align our vibration in the present to the vibration we’re feeling on that future timeline, worlds shift.

As you come out of this visioneering session, it is important to ground your vision in the right here, right now by deciding upon and taking a step to move you towards your goal, ideally within the next 24 hours.

This practice and the consistent action you take comprise a couple of seemingly minor steps that have the potential to make a major difference in taking the the dreams of your imagination and creating them in your reality.

CALL TO ACTION: So what’s the next best step for you in transforming a part of your life that you are longing to change? Do the visualization practice suggested here and take an action for seven days this week.

As I drink my coffee and finish this love-stream of thoughts, my dream and my intention are to support as many people as I can to experience the confidence and the joy of creating a life born out of love and passion not fear and doubt, to create a life infused by support and encouragement not criticism and shame, a life by design and not default.

We are the energy of Love in action and from Love only more Love is born. Step by step, it seems we are not learning this as much as we are remembering.

May your next steps be far-reaching in the best of ways for the highest good of you, your loved ones and this planet.

YOUR INVITE: Feel free to send me an email on my site’s CONTACT page and let me know if you had any realizations during the meditiaton after trying it out for seven days, or took some action on your vision. Did you see any movement — or none at all? Let’s get curious!!

For more free tips and tools to assist in your outlining those next steps, head on over to Jenn Kosh — Love Matters where you can also sign up for a free e-book on manifesting (lunar love-style), all meant to support you in loving and leading your life from a heart-centered, purpose-driven place.