Living in such a fast-paced, fast food type of society, where in your life do you need the SOUL FOOD of true NOURISHMENT?

Where is the archetype of the INNER ANOREXIC playing out in your life?

With a couple of weeks left before the shift into the Leo energy, I wanted to share with you an email I sent out to my subscribers about what the archetypal energy of Cancer may be bringing up for you.

While there are many areas that the energy of Cancer represents such as intuition, intimacy, sensitivity, and the building of healthy families and communities, a planet’s movement through Cancer offers many of us a chance to develop a more loving, conscious relationship with what truly nourishes us and why that might be important.

So with this intention in mind, I have a question for you:

Where are you needing more nourishment to sustain yourself on deeper, more fulfilling levels — physically, spiritually, mentally or emotionally?

When we are unaware of what we need, the archetypal Anorexic in us is activated, keeping us from receiving the Soul Food that we require.

In response to the dis-ease with this type of starvation, sometimes we develop other compulsive or avoidance behaviours to numb ourselves from the pain.

Often we project our unmet needs onto our partners, our children, our pets, our parents, our co-workers or others who we tend to lean on for physical and emotional support.

How we achieve this type of self-love and self-nurturing might be unfamiliar to those of us who previously experienced addiction, abuse, neglect, rejection or abandonment in our homes for a number of reasons beyond a young child’s control or reasoning.

Some of us had early childhood experiences in which an over-reliance on parents and the community to supply emotional and physical needs stunted or prevented us from learning how to take care of ourselves as adults.

Fortunately, we came here to know who we are and how to do this Love-Work.

One way in which we can illuminate where we are under-nourished or even starving in our lives is to call on the archetypal assistance of the Moon in Cancer, asking her to show us how to dissolve the boulders that prevent us from seeing we even have any blocks in the first place and how we can digest old stories while learning to nourish ourselves in ways that authentically delight and feed our soul.

The Mother, The Caregiver, The Healer, The Empath, The Cook, The Nurturer, The Counsellor, The Protector
The Overbearing/Smothering Mother, The Crybaby, The Pessimist, The Hermit, The Invisible Man/Woman, The Anorexic (Emotional, Spiritual, Sexual/Physical)

Archetypes are dynamic, living, breathing, powerful forces at play in our lives — aspects of our personality in which we can see our reflection.

I like to view the archetypes in forms of angels and wise beings who hold the qualities associated with a particular archetype. However, like any type of assistance, we must call on it to activate the support.

With the Sun in Cancer, this is an ideal time to see what the Cook in you has to say in how to create a recipe for the types of nourishment your soul is seeking.

You might spend some time in a reflective space inviting the Cancerian archetypes in, dialoguing with them to see how they might support you at this time. Once you ask them a question, sit and listen for any thoughts or feelings that emerge. Here are some examples of this process:

You might ask the Anorexic where and why he/she is avoiding true nourishment in intimate relationships and what feed him/her better.

You might ask the Empath to see what inner guidance there is for you at this time around how to contribute at work in ways that nourish not deplete you.

You could consider calling on the Cook to show you what ingredients you need to add or take away in creating well-being in all areas of your life.

You might call on the Mother archetype to sit with you and teach you one way in which you could show more kindness to yourself and tenderness to others.

You could ask for the Counsellor to step forward so that you may access your Higher Guidance in how to truly support and honour achieving your goals.

We are always choosing and ideally you feel you are empowered to respond to what you have created in your life…and what you are longing to create.

CALL TO ACTION: So I invite you to attune to and meet your inner and outer needs so that you allow yourself and others the gifts of true love, support and nourishment — the ultimate call of Mother Love, Cancer style.

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