Make yourself a better-living person?

What does it mean by making yourself a better-living person? It’s not about being rich, buying quality stuff, dressing decent but about making yourself live in the life of being a human.

This is what I discovered while studying abroad. Students come from everywhere around the world. We speak different languages and are brought up by different cultures. Some might think it’s such a difficulty getting along with others. However, no matter how hard you think, what really matters is that everyone is putting themselves in the human life. The human life here means presenting their true humanity out there. The true humanity is not the nature personality we have but something we cultivate, develop and refine into what’s really so special in us. These refined qualities of our humanity are exactly something to make us a better-living person.

Think about this. If a person only reacts when people talk to them; utters very few words like they’re not processed well in mind; eats like a robot when stomach yelling hungry; goes to bed when the sun rushes him, this person’s life makes no difference from those animals. They’re not bad but they just luxuriously waste the value of being a human. If this is how you lead your life, you should really wake up.

So, to put if practically, how to make ourselves a better-living person? The answers are quite easy: Thoughts. Thoughts are secret, attractive and flexible. They are something that make us different from the animals. Thoughts are cultivated everyday, every minute and every second. Thoughts are developed through our life experiences when we really respond to ourselves. Thoughts are refined when we keep challenging ourselves and moreover they are not strict but flexible, which makes sense that we might get along with others because we might refine our thoughts when reacting to others. Our thoughts are the true humanity and stand the brand of “ourselves.”

I notice that people would like to link themselves to people who have thoughts. However, I think I should rephrase “having thoughts” into “think.” To make it a verb here means that those people who think are really thinking compared to those having thoughts are simply having. Those who really think are in the process of refining their thoughts. Those who have thoughts might put themselves in the process. So when you respond to a topic, you wouldn’t say: I have a thought. Mostly you would say: I think. Which means you are really thinking. Plus, when you’re thinking, your mind starts speeding and gets excited eager to get more; thus, you will naturally link yourselves to those who think. In such way, you are getting along with others even people from different culture, who will give you more on your thoughts. Those who think are exactly leading themselves to become a better-living people and that is why people like to be with those who think.

We might notice ourselves jealous of those people who seem happy on Facebook or Instagram, who post their colorful life everywhere and every minute. However, be aware that you’re not jealous of the physical life they have — the delicacies they taste, the clothes they wear or the places they’ve been. Instead, you’re simply jealous that they respond to their every minute life. If you are conscious of that, you need that look down on yourself and your Facebook page because you can do that, too. Post everything you THINK at the moment you see something in your life. Its doesn’t have to be really fascinating but can be some normal things which the others might not think of. That’s how you make yourself a better-living person and that’s how you lead your life and that’s how you manage your own brand.

Keep up your thoughts which make you a better-living person! Put yourself out there to think and to link the people who think too. Naturally, you’ll find yourself different and really living a quality life rather than just a quality physical life.

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