Want to be happier & healthier? Go ahead, throw your scale out the window
Marna Palmer

I have struggled with my weight since puberty… but not with weight loss. I’ve always thought I was too skinny. It was so traumatic to weigh myself (and see no change) after eating everything, after taking pills to grow curves, after being as lazy as possible. Only to gain and or grow nothing…. Sadness.

And before you say “kids are cruel” … It happened at work as well. The assumption that I am too skinny to carry things, having bosses comment on my weight, and being forced to wear uniforms 3x too large, only to have managers roll their eyes and say ‘well eat something…’ when I object.

All I wanted was for my peers to stop calling me a stick, skin and bones, anorexic, and even my favorite — skinny jenny.

So when I became an adult I decided against purchasing a scale. I didn’t need to feel like shit at home as well. I only weigh myself at the doctor, where I know I won’t be weight shamed — except when I was pregnant… (that’s another story, though)

Swearing off scales was the best decision ever.

Although I am still struggling with my weight and body issues, it’s getting better. I can look in a mirror and not frown. Don’t think I’ll ever have a scale though. =)

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