White feminists, patriarchy, and solidarity: the dangling carrot
Heather Jo Flores

Honestly, I’m not buying it. White women aren’t these brainless slaves that are being controlled and manipulated by men to stand in solidarity with racists/facists. They have their own free will to choose were their loyalties lie, and it’s plain as day considering that 53% of you guys voted for Trump in the first place. Also, this whole thing sounds like the same remarks people made about Melania Trump, about how she is stuck in a terrible marriage, and ultimately a bystander/victim. She is just as ruthless and scummy as her husband. I’m too through with people defending white women’s racism as cluelessness and patriarchal manipulation. These women aren’t new to it, they’re true to it, and know when to hide under the guise of ignorance and innocence when it suits them, and will use the men, the white men, to carry out their will of violence, i.e. Emmet Till. So, yeah…

And yes, intersectional feminism is the best feminism because everyone is included, and everyone is held accountable for their biases/ignorance, wether willful or acquired.