Ok, I don’t think anyone else is going to notice this.

In iTunes/Apple Music on Mac OS, look at the window corners of the library page, all are rounded except the bottom right one, now switch to the ‘For You’ page. Now, both bottom corners are sharp.

So a while back Skype launched an update to its new App.

Although I give praise and personally like the general design style, it massively just lacks usability, which, with only some simple changes, along with nips and tucks and they would’ve had a great app. …

I was one of the people running the Relay For Life in Menlo Park that is held every year by the American Cancer Society, where for 24 hours we walk in solidarity to honor those who survived and lost to cancer — cancer never sleeps, they say.

I woke up…

Endless praise and recognition over inflates your ego a lot it seems. I thought — after a while of pursuing endless tunnels. So how did that turn out?

After trying endlessly create this dream, it became stagnant. I had enough.

A new world.

Thus, I made the decision to move all across the…

Jenn Mueng

16 letter surname. 17 years old.

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