Let’s Throw Some Money At Our Problems: April 2017 Monthly Check-In
The Billfold

For the first time in about two years, I’m under $4k on my credit card AND have more than $1k in my emergency fund. Tracking all of this in front of y’all has definitely made me more conscious of my balances and keeping things going in the right direction!


Chase Visa (10.85 APR)
March — $3972.25
April — $3888.42


I’m only going to track my emergency and travel funds from now on because the other two are just maintenance accounts that will be depleted and replenished on the various bill schedules. But the good news is that having these separate savings accounts is working!

Emergency Fund (0.75 APY)
March — $1341.56
April — $1510.65

So close to having a month’s rent saved!

Travel Fund (0.75 APY)
March — $162.14
April — $243.25

Barely a hotel room for one night, but that’s one night less that sits on the credit card whenever I go on vacay this summer.