How Much Do You Spend on Holiday Decorations?
Nicole Dieker

I actually got rid of my 15 year old fake tree this year, since there is no place to put it up in my current apartment (that I’ve lived in for five years). Also, since I always have to travel for the holidays, I hadn’t been very good at putting it up in the intervening years, just for me.

But in my family, we re-use the same decorations for every holiday until they are literally falling apart and we can’t put them back together. We’ve now inherited some of my grandmother’s decorations and have incorporated them into my parents’ stuff. Some of my most treasured things from cleaning out my grandparents’ home last year was the Christmas ornaments I got to keep.

It would never occur to me to try a different theme ever year. This nativity set goes here, that collection of angels goes there, rinse and repeat. Part of my souvenir-buying habits include getting Christmas ornaments to add to the tree. You can trace the course of our lives through our tree and that means more to me than the latest “trend” or color scheme.

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