A Painful Question of the Day
Nicole Dieker

I *never* carry cash, so I’ve never understood how cash is supposed to make me feel pain. I haven’t used cash as my primary means of spending money in over a decade. I feel “pain” when I enter the transactions into Quicken at the end of the day and see my balance go down. Whether it’s my checking account balance going down or my credit card balance going up, that’s where I feel it — in the math!

Seriously, the only time I have cash on me is the $11.50 every two weeks for laundry and $30/month I spend on my pedicure (if I pay in cash, I get a discount, which means a bigger tip).

The other day, my boss gave me cash to pay me back for picking up Starbucks on my card and I went to the bank to put it in my account and then I refilled my Starbucks card. Cash just feels like Monopoly money to me and it always has.

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