Do We Deny Ourselves More Often Than We Treat Ourselves?
Nicole Dieker

I struggle with this all the time. I just bought myself a new phone (though on contact and with delayed interest, so it was cheaper than buying something outright), but no Starbucks this week.

I used to (hopefully, I’m kicking the habit) spend an unconscionable amount on in-app purchases on a few of my favorite games. It was $4.99 here and $7.99 here until I started doing the math and realizing just how much I was spending per month (and per year) on this thing that really has no value. I’m proud to say that I have spent $0 of my own money on this so far this year, but it’s only the middle of February. I also don’t feel like I’m actually saving this money, so I’m surely spending it somewhere else.

I also fall down a slippery slope when it comes to treating myself. I’m going to London next month, partly because I miss it and I want to go back, but mostly because my favorite actor just opened a play on the West End. Tickets are not inexpensive, but I’m probably spending more than I should for the seats. I mean, when I’m already flying to another country for the play, what’s another $100 for play tickets, you know? But I’ll be paying for it all the same.

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