Are We Nickel-And-Diming Our Friends With Mobile Payment Apps?
Meghan Modafferi

I’ve used Venmo exactly once two weekends ago. I went to a friend’s birthday celebration, where the other birthday boy paid in advance for all of our bowling lanes/shoe rental. I never carry cash and had planned to pay for everything when I got there (as I did when another friend had a bowling birthday - is this a thing that’s coming back among adults?!), so being able to Venmo the cash to my friend instead of paying ATM fees to use the one in the bowling alley worked out well.

But otherwise, yeah to this whole post. It really does depend on your friendship though. I have friends who I’ll easily just trade expenses back and forth or pick up the Giants tix because she’s swamped at work and I know she’ll pay me back eventually (though dinner or concessions or sometimes even just cash). Other friends want to split things very evenly (which is when I love my TAB app, but that’s another post).

To me, it’s a bit like using your phone at dinner. Some people are very touchy about it and other groups of friends, it’s expected that we’re all checking in on Swarm and Instagramming our plates.

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