What We Save When We Give Up
Megan Reynolds

That seems insane to me, but I’ve never been a person who goes out every night or even every other night, so that may be why. MAYBE once a week for a happy hour or a dinner, but sometimes, not even that.

Looking at Quicken for this year, I’ve spent $308.56 on dining categories (dining, coffee, and drinks) since January 1st. And part of that is Disneyland, which is not a normal expense for me. Last year, I spent $1357.92 on those categories for the whole year, so yeah.

I mean, even if I go out more than once a week (we have a happy hour and a dinner and a concert), I’m not having more than two drinks at any time, especially at $10–15/cocktail because I live in SF. But then again, $1000 is about 1/3 of my take home pay, so I need that for groceries and shit.

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