Wait. No. I can almost see the case for married people get more parties and presents than single…

Yeah, she had me until I saw that she’d already been married. Then I started to roll my eyes a little. I’m not sure I could get through the “ceremony” without laughing, but I’m all for her throwing a party to celebrate her new life and hoping people might pick up the tab some new sheets.

I’m planning to register for all new household stuff and fancy kitchen stuff for my 40th birthday (if I’m not married by then, which is looking quite likely at 35). I’ve been through marriages, second marriages and countless kids with most of my friends, so they “owe” me a fancy gift or two. (I know that I didn’t HAVE to give gifts or travel for any of those events, but I did and it would be nice to have an occasion for my friends to repay the favor. In the form of a panini maker.)