Time capsule for 2015 in Songs

A personal 50 for 2015. Not “best” and only loosely ranked, but these are the new songs that defined ages 25–26 for me.

  1. Grimes, “Realiti”
  2. Kendrick, “Alright”
  3. Jenny Hval, “That Battle Is Over”
  4. Björk, “Lionsong”
  5. Courtney Barnett, “Depreston”
  6. Sheer Mag, “Button Up”
  7. Kelela, “A Message”
  8. Majical Cloudz, “Downtown”
  9. Waxahatchee, “Poison”
  10. Downtown Boys, “Monstro”
  11. Girlpool, “I Like That You Can See It”
  12. Drake, “Hotline Bling”
  13. Alessia Cara, “Here”
  14. Fred Thomas, “Bad Blood”
  15. ANOHNI, “4 Degrees”
  16. G.L.O.S.S., “(G.L.O.S.S.) We’re From the Future”
  17. Sleater-Kinney, “A New Wave”
  18. Jeremih, “Oui”
  19. Julia Holter, “Feel You”
  20. Bully, “I Remember”
  21. Tink, “Afterparty”
  22. David Bowie, “Blackstar”
  23. Dilly Dally, “Desire”
  24. Carly Rae Jepsen, “Your Type”
  25. Jamie xx, “Gosh”
  26. Olga Bell, “Goalie”
  27. Erykah Badu, “Hello” [ft. André 3000] (Isley Brothers Cover)
  28. Gun Outfit, “Legends of My Own”
  29. I.F.O., “Nibiru” [ft. Afrika Bambaataa]
  30. Joanna Gruesome, “Separate Bedrooms”
  31. All Dogs, “That Kind of Girl”
  32. Lana Del Rey, “Freak”
  33. Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, “The Last Time I Saw Your Face”
  34. Jenny Hval, “Kingsize” (Kelley Lee Owens Remix)
  35. Merchandise, “Red Sun” [ft. Dum Dum Girls]
  36. Knife Pleats, “Terrible”
  37. Flesh World, “Just to Tear Me Down”
  38. Speedy Ortiz, “Raising the Skate”
  39. Max D, “Flex Cathedral”
  40. Robyn, “Love Is Free”
  41. Destruction Unit, “The Upper Hand”
  42. Adult Mom, “Survival”
  43. Aye Nako, “Human Shield”
  44. Weyes Blood, “In the Beginning”
  45. Heaven’s Gate, “Amanda Berry”
  46. Lafawndah, “Tan”
  47. Quarterbacks, “Weekend”
  48. Earl Sweatshirt, “Grief”
  49. KAG/TFX, “Fugue 7”
  50. Trina, “Fuck Boy”
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