You are what makes life worth living

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My Darlings,

I know I’m not the best with words, nor do I do a good job of expressing myself. I never want you to feel like I don’t appreciate you enough. So I wanted to take a moment and put a few words in writing, where perhaps I can express some of how much you mean to me.

First, I want to thank you with all of my heart. Thank you for accepting me and my curves. You have been with me through thick and thin. …

If you won’t do it to keep others safe, maybe one of these reasons will convince you

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The CDC has recommended everyone wear a mask in public. We know it won’t necessarily protect us from the virus, but it can help protect others from our germs.

Some stores are requiring patrons to wear masks to come in and spend their money!

Now I’ve seen a lot of complaining about this mask-wearing business. I’ve heard people who refuse to wear one, even if it means not buying from their favorite stores. They can’t bear the thought of having a thin piece of cloth of their choosing over their nose and mouth.

Why? Because they don’t believe it’s necessary.

My son is the definition of a “picky eater”

Photo by Author: A Normal Dinner at My House

This war, like most others, had two sides in fierce opposition. On one side, there was The Kid, a strong-willed child whose acceptable meal choices were comprised of pop tarts, cheese, and plain noodles.

On the other side, his mother, trying to do the best she could for her son. Trying to feed him nutritional foods with all the protein, vitamins, and minerals he needs to grow, function, and live his best life.

It was a war of wills. Of wits. It was a war in which I ended up waving the white flag.

Several battles were fought during the…

Reflections on 5 quotes from Eleanor Roosevelt and how they relate to our COVID life

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It’s a time of uncertainty and, I’ll admit it, I’m scared. I’m trying to keep my spirits up, sharing bits of humor where I can, and talking about all of the positives with my teenager.

But it doesn’t keep me from being frightened.

I’m scared for the people who have lost their jobs. I’m scared for the people who are sick. For those who are dying and for those who can’t be with loved ones who are sick or dying.

I’m scared about the health…

A monumental goal is achieved through a series of small decisions

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At the beginning of the year, I, like many women, set a weight loss goal. It was a hefty goal of 75 pounds. I broke that down to smaller goals: following a doctor-recommended weight loss program and exercising four days per week.

Well, January is nearing its end and I’ve gained two pounds. Damn it!

I keep getting frustrated by the end of the day.

I keep saying, “I’ll just start again tomorrow.”

By the end of the day, I eat Oreos, wallow in self-pity, and reevaluate my life…


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I hope your germs stay over there
Behind that cubicle wall
I don’t have time to catch a cold
I’m far too busy, after all!

I hear your coughing, full of phlegm
And the snot you’re sniffing back.
Just blow your nose, then wash your hands
Better — go home now and hit the sack.

I’m taking lots of vitamin C,
Drinking water, getting rest.
But no matter what I do,
Turns out, it’s all in jest.

Because we’re breathing the same air
We’re touching the same doors
Germs aren’t smart enough to know
They’re uninvited boors.

The light switch…

Jennifer Marla Pike

Writing about following dreams, self-improvement, and family. Technical Writer | Content Writer | Editor |

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