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I am simply someone who has been through a lot…just like you! From Insight — to Hindsight — to Enlightenment

Lessons waitressing taught me about getting noticed, teamwork, and the value of only one person.

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When I returned home as a college graduate and held a few miscellaneous jobs of no interest and no future. The only thing I learned was what I didn’t want to do. My parents had enough of watching me try to “figure it out” on their couch, and dad told me I better get a real job, or he’d take my cell phone away. I got out the Classifieds (for you young folks, that’s a section in the newspaper — or antique internet) and found…

More often than you’d think, good enough is good enough.

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My best friend’s father told me a story about someone who remodels houses. The details of the scenario aren’t necessary, but it ended up that the guy who hired him happened to walk in at the exact moment he says out loud, “Good enough for who it’s for!”

Several initial thoughts raced through my mind, though, and the first one was, “Did he get fired?!”

(I really have no idea; I was laughing too hard to ask!)

Wow, that guy is really lazy!

He obviously has no respect for the…

Are you kidding me? The entire team? All those people judging me at the same time. Intimidating, right?

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Sure — if you’re young and haven’t been exposed to many team environments. Or if you don’t have much experience in that field, or you’re insecure, or you get anxious easily, or you’re simply just shy, or…or…or… Truth is, your nervousness is probably not going to be much higher in a group than it is one-on-one. After all, you’re used to working with a team in some capacity, right? This is just a new set of faces!

Is that representative of the…

Black lives matter. White lives matter. Democratic, republican, independent and all parties’ in-between lives matter. All lives matter. YOU matter.

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9/11 made me aware of terrorism for the first time. Newtown made me cry for weeks; still gets to me if I think about it too long. George Floyd…complete and utter outrage, disappointment, disgrace, and disgust grand enough to want me to announce a personal apology to the entire world for every bad thing that ever has happened and will happen.

What is with people???

I know plenty of cops. My best friend’s husband is a retired sergeant and I’ve heard dozens of real-life stories. I’ve dated a couple of cops (not at the same time, of course!) I’m in…

I didn’t write them — but come on…laugh a little!!

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My parents sent me this email and I have to share because we can all relate to a few of them! Much love and stay safe…

Reflections on the corona virus:

Half of us are going to come out of this quarantine as amazing cooks. The other half will come out with a drinking problem.

I used to spin that toilet paper like I was on Wheel of Fortune. Now I turn it like I’m cracking a safe.

I need to practice social-distancing from the refrigerator.

Still haven’t decided where…

A Surprising Lesson Gaining Positive Feedback

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Years ago, when I was about 25, my life coach suggested that I talk to a few of my friends and ask them to tell me the one thing they would change about me.

You can imagine what a scary exercise that would be! Here I was, on a quest to feel better about myself, not having grown into my own skin yet at the time, and this person who is supposed to be helping me sends me on a journey to recruit negative feedback. Or so I thought…

The response was eclectic. Overall…

How many times at work have you shed a tear or two? I know I have!

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One particular day stands out as one of the worst. I don’t remember exactly what had me in a sour mood, but like everyone else on the planet, I was overwhelmed at work. It seemed to me that every tech ticket I submitted fell into a black hole never to be seen again and the constant requests for updates were exhausting. I had gotten used to it; that’s just how it was. …

I’ve decided to announce it to new people, and you should, too!

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I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. Being pulled in so many directions with the constant urge to deny requests from people demanding my time is draining me. Especially now that I have been offered a new corporate job where I will be back in an office, it has heightened my otherwise level mood, and now I’m just…overwhelmed at the idea of being surrounded by people again all day.

By sharing this information early, I would expect two outcomes: 1) Bring awareness to myself and others who…

I had to pick up my cat’s prescription and was amazed at the change.

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I’m trying to park my car and there were four empty spots with a man on his cell phone standing in the way of where I typically park. That was unusual and I was irritated, thinking why is this guy standing in the middle of the parking lot where no one can park now? I pulled into a different area and walked to the front door.

As I was making my way to the building, one of the employees was walking out with a small dog…

Does being sheltered in place have you going stir crazy? You just need a little change in perspective!

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By now you’ve read that book you didn’t have time for, cleaned a closet or two, perhaps tackled organizing your garage, or went really crazy and binge watched Netflix. Too easy…let’s have some fun!

There are plenty of things you can do to pass the time. Join me!

Clean your fridge…while drinking, I mean singing, 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall! When you’re done, grab a paper towel and wipe away! By the time you sober up, you’ll be out of…

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