Me and Nilla, our loving eyes for Jonas Ellison and The Tribe.

A Life Given Back….Through Loving Eyes

As I lay in the darkness, my soul crushed and bound,

I hear something above, but I can’t place the sound.

It's a single voice ringing out through the night

Calling my name and telling me to reach for the light.

Finally when I lift my head to see who might actually be there

All I can see are all of your eyes and the love that they share.

Then I hear your soft voice say in me you truly believe,

That I’m no longer alone, I’ve been granted a reprieve.

I begin to cry and tell you for me it's too late,

That her kiss on my arms has already sealed my fate.

You say be that as it may I have to continue my fight

So that I can learn how to walk in the light.

You said, “We will believe in you no matter how much you fall,

And we will pick you right up and help you to stand tall.”

My pain now has a purpose greater than me,

To help others find a new path and hope that they see

Their life is also worth the pain and the fight,

That comes with walking alone in the night.

Jonas Ellison ,

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. You have given me a reason to continue my fight and not just “go gently into this good night”. What you did with the call to action reached me in a way that I’m not sure anything else could have.

So, in honor of you and this beautiful tribe I am now a part of, I dedicate my journey to recovery to ‘The Tribe’ and promise that when I begin to fall I will read the words that were so beautifully written for me and look at all the eyes filled with love, pick myself up, remembering that I, too, am worth the fight, and walk with head held high right back to the light.

Starting today I will continue my fight against the drug I call her. I will fight until I can no longer stand, making the most out of each day I am given. I am not promising that there won’t be days or more when I get stuck in that dark never-ending night, but as long as I continue to breathe there is hope. I know that I can believe that when I think I am not enough and I can go no further, that the Tribe and their loving eyes will be there to see me through. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For a second chance to fight for this precious thing, MY LIFE!!!!!!!!


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All of you make up this beautiful TRIBE!!!!