Are You Wearing Purple?


What you wrote about domestic violence was amazing. I read one other today on this issue, by Cami Gram I am so glad to see women speaking out against their abusers! Before I started on Medium, I wasn’t able to talk about the abuse I have been through. After reading your story and Cami Gram’s, I see that this is a wonderful place to start. Seeing your story and hers has made me determined to write about mine. In a few days I will be testifying in open court against my abuser. I never sought counselling and the only people I told were the police the night I got out. I am terrified, but ya’ll’s words have given me courage I didn’t know I had. Your story will help many women and men too to be able to speak up and speak out against domestic violence. Thank you soon much for sharing your story.



Jennifer Killgore

Cami Gram