And yet…you can’t say anything without offending someone.

Alexainie ,

That was so eloquently put. You have put some light on things I believe a lot of people don’t want to look at, such as who we REALLY are, as a nation. I was with a friend picking up dinner last night when he asked a young black woman what she thought of all the “shit” with violence, hatred, and racism since Trump became the president-elect. She responded with this amazing comment: “I don’t think Abilene, Texas will see this sort of thing like our major cities across the US. I also think that we should give Trump a chance just like all of his predecessors. I mean, we gave all them a chance, why not him? We may not all agree and that’s ok. You never know what this term will bring to our nation. All we can do is pray and live our lives to the fullest each day.” I must say I was truly impressed with her take on things. Maybe a more positive outlook from all sides, including the media will do us good! I know that sounds silly and naive, but what have we got to lose? EVERYTHING!! So why not stand in solidarity and unity instead of hatred and discord? The ties that bind us together are truly the ties that can tear us apart. So let’s do this!!!


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