Another survivor said she’d got over the physical abuse a while back,
Hi Jennifer,
David Varley


I am going to be brutally honest right now and I am not going to apologize for that.

As a survivor of both emotional and physical abuse, I must say, I have never myself said or heard from a fellow survivor that we “get over the physical abuse.” The scars of physical abuse may heal more quickly than other, inside scars, but, and let me be CLEAR, just because the physical scars have gone away does not mean the effects of said physical abuse are but a distant memory. The effects of the physical abuse stay with us for an extraordinarily long time. That is why I made the statement,

“the emotional abuse that goes hand in hand with the physical violence is just as relevant.”

Hand in hand. In my opinion, these two prowl the dark together. Yes, the wounds on the outside heal much quicker than those on the inside, but is one worse than the other? More intense than the other? Hurt less than the other? For me, they were just different kinds of pain, each bad, horrible, nightmarish in their own respect. Together? Well, let’s just say I wouldn’t wish either on ANYONE!


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