Yesterday in a group I shared about me. I shared about you. Because of that a woman shared how she had been abused by a family member for years. She broke down. And
How I Served You and You Served Me Right Back.
Fierce Force 💃🏼

Fierce Force 💃🏼 ,

That’s what it’s ALL about!!! Right there!!! You are an amazing woman whose words were the first thing I read and responded to on November 2nd, 2016. What an awesome way to begin a journey you didn’t even know was beginning. You and I? Well, we are strong, determined, and we are both forces to be reckoned with. I want you to know that this journey began because of you, because of your words, because of your gorgeous heart, thrilling mind, and………I don’t have words for the soul that you have shared so graciously and generously with me and countless others. The words you write are like a beacon of light piercing the darkest hours of my night. Without them I would be lost. I wouldn’t have begun writing like I did that first night. There was something about you, about your story, that told me, “She is the one. She is the one that will be there and love you and walk with you no matter what comes your way. She is safe.” Thank God, for once in my life, I listed to that inner voice and followed it. I will never be able to thank you for the gift you have given me. That gift is the words that my heart speaks and the ability to put them here, on I believe we all have words in our hearts that can tell our true story if we are willing to be open and dig. It is painful, scary, and amazing and I have only just begun.

I am absolutely thrilled to hear about the woman from your group. As you so beautifully wrote,

because of her vulnerability she was freed. Of tears. Of grief. Of anger. And emerged.

Your gift to her was our stories and her gift back was her freedom!! I truly don’t think it gets better. Thank you Fierce Force 💃🏼 . There will never be enough words to express my gratitude for you just being you. Your amazing and we’ve only just begun.

More love than words can say,