And Suddenly, there she is.
Fierce Force 💃🏼

Fierce Force 💃🏼 ,

And there YOU are!! These days writing hurts. It simply hurts. I find myself starting something and I’ll start to feel some type of way and I’ll just stop. I haven’t even been able to go back and read the words that are there. If I even consider it, my stomach starts to hurt and my heart begins to feel heavy. I want to, but there is something inside me that is stopping me and I haven’t found a way to get past it. I know that must sound crazy, but it is just where I am. I have so much guilt and shame and sorrow in my soul that it’s hard on even my best days to function. It’s as though I have been relegated to simply exist and I am getting tired of doing even that. Thank you for thinking of me. I love you!!