Hi Jennifer Marie Killgore.

Hello alto,

Let me start by saying that I earned every harsh critic that came my way. I wasn’t 100% dishonest and I wasn’t 100% honest either. I left room for questions that I shied away from that I should have responded to, so no hard feelings. You say your humbled. Well thank you, but I want you to know that I have been humbled as well because when everything happened in December I thought my writing on Medium had ended before it began. I was not going to write again. I had decided that no matter what, I was right, they were wrong so fuck ‘em!!

I’m glad that in the end I didn’t take that stance because two people came out to stand next to me (well virtually anyhow). TeriJo and David Varley have both been integral parts in me continuing to write here on Medium and I am so happy everyday that I do. Getting brutally honest is what I needed to do.

As far as letting anyone use this to define me or put me in a box? FUCK ALL THAT NOISE!!! I don’t fit in anyone’s box and no one thing in my life defines me. That much I know. Besides, how do you put a circle in a box anyway? Lol. Thank you again for your words. They mean more to me than you will ever know.


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