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Um yeah…based on this amazing discussion in the comment section (ahem or the lack there of I mean) I can see what you’re saying. Not.

Anyway, this is a merely sexual fantasy thriller and nothing more. The premise is dumb and unrealistic while under the guise of what can happen if more Trumps come into political power…(omg, the fk ever) … and did I mention it was ….”oooh, i”m being raped and entrapped and RAPED by men…woe is me…” SEXY.

Not. It is for the fans of Tina Fey (who wrote a “rapey fantasy” of Unbearable Kimmie Schmidt via “Don Draper”) …. and Amy Schumer. That is all. For me, I’m just not that dumb and THAT bored. But I am bored, yes.

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