The fine art of sucking it up

It’s Monday. Nothing is going as planned. Nothing. You get dressed out of the dryer, your husband tells you he wants to discuss the bills, get looked up and down by a 10 year old, your hair dryer dies and that’s before you even start to interact with the outside world.


You are a positive person. You look at the bright side. Often. You grab your keys and feel ready for battle.


Stop. The fight is in your own head.

Take five minutes. Yes you do, you have five minutes. Breathe.

In six months you won’t remember what you were stressed about today.

Your children , your fella, the children in your classroom ( if you are a teacher) deserve the you when you are centered and it’s not so difficult to get there.

You DO have this. You ARE strong. You CAN suck it up because you are changing the world.

One person at a time. Know that.

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